How to Make Money on the Internet

"Within the next decade, 50% of all America Households will be involved in a home-based business"
-Entrepreneur Magazine

Welcome to How to Make Money on the Internet!

I make money on the internet.

My name is Matt Garrett and to be accurate I make over 5 figures US dollars a month (for the last 6 or 7 months) from the internet, and I do it in my spare time.

I don't have some magic secret that will help you make thousands over night, sorry, but that's not how it actually works, no matter what anyone tells you.

If you want to make money on the internet it is like any other way of making money, find a method that works and duplicate it for yourself.

There are two main problems with making money on the net, the first is finding a method that does actually work in amongst all the crap that you will get bombarded with. That's why I set up this site. The methods listed here are ones that I use right now. They work for me and can work for you too.

The second problem is actually sticking at the method that you choose for long enough to make it work. The vast majority of people who try to make money on the internet have unrealistic expectations and end up giving up because they don't get rich overnight.

Making money on the internet should be treated like any other business, it takes time and commitment to make a significant income. The advantage is that it can be done in your spare time without having to give up your day job, until you are ready. Oh, and you end up working for yourself, when you want, how you want, no boss, no commute to work etc. etc.. I have found an excellent book that will help you to stay the pace and succeed, it's called Income for Life, and I've managed to cut a deal so you can download it for free.

I use several different methods to make money, as I like the peace of mind of knowing that my extra cash comes from a variety of sources, not just one. I would recommend picking just one method to start with, and then using the profits from that to build a second income stream.

Surveys for Money

Making money from online surveys is easy IF you know how. You can get paid simply for filling in a survey and giving your opinion.

There are two main problems, finding sources for enough surveys to make money from and being able to complete them quickly and easily.

Both are just a question of knowing how...

Surveys For Money

Affiliate Niche Marketing

This is my favourite way of making money on the internet. Setting up small niche based websites to promote products with an affiliate program by writing a review of the product.

The best part is you do not have to deliver the product or support it, all you do is uae an affiliate link to point people to the relevant site where they can buy it.

Affiliate Marketing

Adsense Keywords

Finding the best high paying keywords for creating adsense based site is as much of an art as it is a science, you need to make sure the market/niche you are targetting are profitable, but not too competetive.. does all the work for you, providing 25 or 50 lists of keywords already researched for you.

The members only forum also has top advice on how to use site generation systems and which are the best, as well as how to get your sites spidered and reanked well..

Adsense Keywords

Expired Domains

This is still a relatively unknown way of making money, although there are some people making an awful lot of money from expired domains (e.g. UltSearch).

There are several ways of profiting from expired domains that are still getting traffic, from selling them on to simply parking them with a "Pay Per Click" provider, which is my favorite as it is so easy.

Expired Domains


eBay is the latest way that anyone can can easily make some extra cash, or even a full time living, working a few hours a week from home.

Learn more about this awesome online opportunity to get the extra cash you need now!!

If you're already making money from eBay then you should also have a look and check out the software system that helps you "Quickly And Easily Double Your Profits, Slash Research Time, And Stomp Your Competition"..

eBay Auctions


WebSite Traffic

Already have a website and need to get more traffic to it?

How about being able to automatically generate and add hundreds or even thousands of keyword targeted, search engine optimized, profit generating pages that are all relevant to your site and have fresh useful related content on them to attract both the search engine spiders and visitors...?

This Next Generation SEO Software Generates Thousands Of Constantly-Updating, Content Rich Pages That Not Only Get You Top Placement on Search Engines, But Also Earn $$$ from FIVE Separate Income Sources!"

Super Charge your Traffic

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